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Company Services
Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it Customer Service is not a department..... its an Attitude.

EZ-Tech provides service at whatever level the customer demands. From  custom solutions, including physical installations,    pulling wires and setting up local networks, to simply providing the best quality products for you to integrate yourself, EZ-Tech is there.

In addition to our own line of computer systems, PC servers and high-end workstations, EZ-Tech is an established distributor for a wide range of computer products. We source technology from top manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Maxtor, LG Electronics, Asrock MB, NEC, VIA and others; we are authorized resellers for HP, Samsung, Powerware, APC and Gnet as well.

Phone:        416-630-0669
Fax:            416-630-2090
Main:         tech@eztec.com
Sales:        roni@eztec.com                
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