Our Goal

EZ-Tech has been supplying up-to-date computer technology for over 12 years. Not many independent systems integrator can make that claim! Weíve learned that when a customer needs support, itís very important to them that we respond immediately. Thatís why our clients come back again and again to upgrade and expand their systems in order to meet new challenges.
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Company Profile

At EZ-Tech we sell solutions,not just computers.

You need cutting edge  technology. You stay ahead of your competition by taking advantage of the latest and most advanced technology from suppliers around the world. But more importantly, you need a supplier you can count on to support the systems you are putting in place.

Gaming System

       Starting Price                 $1875.00
Office Computer

       Starting Price:                 $649.00

Phone:        416-630-0669
Fax:            416-630-2090
Main:         tech@eztec.com
Sales:        roni@eztec.com                
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